Software/Materials Used to Make The Project: Illustrator, Photoshop, Paper, Pencil

"We at seek know that you have things you’ve to do, people you’ve got to meet, places you’ve got to go. Life’s a hunt and you’re always seeking your next target. We at Seek understand that, that’s why we make it easy for you to continue your search for success and glory. Continue to Seek while we provide your the energy to do so."

Seek Coffee is a logo project created for a hypothetical business. The project first began with the idea of Seek Coffee. Taking into consideration aesthetic and feel for the hypothetical business, I created 10 different iterations of potential logos. Some handdrawn and some made in a software. After creating the logos, Peers reviewed the designs and picked out the ones they liked best; one they felt had a good design and fit the aesthetic I was going for with the business.

From there I honed in on the designs people liked most and expanded on them more. I combined some logos from the first iterations, improved a few others and kept some of the logos the same that people felt were good. The first set of designs were creative, but the second set were a lot cleaner than the first batch. Once again I had peers reflect on these logos and discuss what they liked about the logos. In the end, majority of my peers liked one design and wanted to see how I could expand on that particular logo.

From the one logo, I worked around the design by changing around a lot of the design choices. switching to different font styles, playing with the kerning, messing around with the tilt/skew of the logo, and trying out different styles with the same base logo. I even tried out some "dark mode" versions of the logo. In the end I settled with a design that was pretty close to the original, altered a bit in some parts, cleaning up other parts of the logo and adding a surronding border to encase the entire thing.