Software/Materials Used to Make The Project: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

During my time with my on-campus job at NYU Media Services, I've assisted the department in various projects relating to hiring, tutorial guides and more. Since the department did not have a standard asset guide, I worked around the schools branding to make these projects.

The most recent project I've worked on was advertisment graphics for hiring new student workers for our department. These poster would be broadcasted across the campus on various TV screens for students to see. I handled the photoshoot and editing of these graphics; I wanted to take photos that would properly represent what it was like to work in our department. After processing the photos, I added graphics and text in different styles.

Another project I headed was the creation of the user and troubleshoot guides for various A/V systems on campus. There are a lot of components and moving parts to our A/V equipment and sometimes the tech can get complicated. We made these guides as a means for users to learn about the system and potential troubleshooting techniques on their own time with full detail.

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