Software/Materials Used to Make The Project: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, InDesign, Paper, Pencil

The Figmental World of A Sketchbook is a graphic novel following the story of Sonia and her father who are whisked away into an imaginary world created from Sonia's Sketchbook! The two must traverse the lands and overcome challenges imposed by the residents of the sketchbook in order to find a way home.

This project is a close one to my heart. Though on the surface the story is about an adventure, the underlying message touches upon another. The story of resistance from parental figures to support their childrens' dreams because they think it's a foolish path is a common one for the first generational American population. Often times these stories can be very complex and hard to discuss with others. Some may even find these stories unfathomable.

I believe it's important to share these stories. Not only to shed light, but also to show others who are going through a similar situation that they are not alone. Here's to all the dreamers.

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